Summary of the past AGM for year 2018

  • Welcome of new board which is a combination of past board along with the new board.
  • Approval of last minutes of meeting.
  • Financials as per NAFL external auditors were all accepted and fully explained.
  • Brief on NAFL investments to further market their members via various platforms.
  • The past events and the new upcoming ones, as well as the print and online media channels.
  • Members appreciated the costs savings from the past office rentals and more investments.
  • Towards NAFL members which helps the members to market their organizations more.(Directory/exhibition stands to promote NAFL members)
  • Conferences to highlight NAFL and its members etc-Regionally and on a global level.
  • Improved government relations and discounts by UAE government for NAFL members was also highly appreciated.
  • More activities/events and exhibitions as well as complimentary value added services have been granted to NAFL members which was not done previously.
  • Member issues and meetings/reports where all discussed with UAE senior officials and advisory councils.
  • NAFL member issues are still being tackled by NAFL board to ensure they always get support and member confidence has increased with the board.
  • Old outstanding from 2014-2015 prior to the this board was written off . Since end of 2015 and till date the board has not given training without payment. This was mainly to avoid outstanding and bad debts. This was not the practice earlier, which caused bad old debts.
  • NAFL brand has gained much more awareness/ exposure and enhanced brand value across various sectors regionally and globally.
  • Distribution of the member directory and complimentary listing of the members has also been appraised by the members. Due to information provided by legal advisors the not very secure deposits moved to a much more secure national bank backed by Dubai government all to ensure NFAL funds are well secured, this was also done with board approval and ducumented. Since high risk deposits where placed by previous board years back.
  • Members were pleased and are looking forward to the new upcoming events and value added services that NAFL will be offering.
  • There has also been more support to global FIATA events in terms of sponsorships and exhibition space as well as delegate registrations for FIATA events. Travel has been more cost effective as the use of budget airlines/and tickets has been implemented and members were informed on that.
  • To conclude NAFL board thanked the members and its guest chief guest from Presidential office AD for their support and meeting was over and dinner was served along with networking.