The Board of Directors of the NAFL Subcommittees and their chairman Under General Assembly

1. The General Assembly shall be composed of all members of the organization and shall be the supreme authority in the organization, having the power to appoint members of the Executive Board and remove them, approve policy matters recommended by the Executive Board, and make changes in the organization’s policy as well as in its statute and review the general conditions of the industry.

2. The General Assembly shall meet regularly at least once in every six months. It may also meet at such other instances as may be called by the Executive Board on one week’s written notice with which the agenda of the meeting shall be enclosed.

3. The General Assembly may be called to an emergency meeting by the Executive Board with 48 hours written notice to discuss such urgent and important policy matters as may arise.

4. The quorum for the meeting of the General Assembly shall be a simple majority. If such quorum is not achieved at the first invitation, a second invitation shall be addressed to all members for a second meeting to be held within 14 days time, in which quorum shall be only 25% of the members.

5. Only ordinary members are entitled to vote. Each ordinary member shall have one vote.

6. Each ordinary member may appoint a proxy to attend a meeting of the General Assembly and to vote either by a show of hands or a secret ballot thereat by an instrument in writing executed by or on behalf of the appointer in the following form (or in a form as near thereto as circumstances allow or in any other form which is usual or which the Executive Board may approve)

7. We [ ] of [ ] being an ordinary member of the National Association of Freight and Logistics hereby appoint [ ] or failing him [ ] as our proxy to vote in our name and on our behalf at the meeting of the General Assembly to be held on [ ] or on any adjournment thereof.

8. The instrument appointing a proxy and the original authority under which it is executed or a copy of such authority certified by the notary public or in some other way approved by the President shall be delivered to the President at the meeting of the General Assembly to which the proxy related or to whomsoever shall preside over the meeting of the General Assembly to which the proxy relates.

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